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Communicating During Change:

Tools to take your Self Storage Operations Remote


Work From Anywhere Virtual Contact Center Software

  • Flexible and Custom Call Routing Tools
  • Connect via Phone or Computer with 100% Cloud-Based Software
  • Call Forwarding and Roll-Over Tools with Seamless Property Management Software Integration
  • Fully Customizable Queue to Divide Agents between skills, availability, or customer need

Agent Dashboard

  • Monitor Productivity and See Exactly who is Logged in and when Updated in Real Time
  • Measure Volume to view which Locations are Getting Calls vs. Which Are Not
  • Listen to Call Recordings
Covid Call Route
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Contact Free Payment Solutions for When Social Distancing Closes the Office 

  • Audits your Property Management Software for Payment Due Dates
  • Sends a Reminder with an Individually Generated Secure Payment Link
  • Past Due Tenants Automatically Routed Directly to a Pay-by-Phone IVR Bypassing Store Teams
  • Channels Available: Pay-by-Text, Pay-by-Phone IVR, Pay-by-Email, Manager Payment Portal

Operational Controls - Exclusions and Historical Records

  • Promise-to-Pay Exclusions can Override Payment Reminders to Cease or Resume based on Status of Paid by Date Agreement
  • Recorded Audit Trails for Each Contract, with Complete Transparency on Message Delivery, opt-outs, and more
  • Default Autopay Sign-Up Options

Sophisticated and Customizable Call Flow

Example Next Door Self Storage's Covid-19 Call Route
Covid Call Route

Example: Work From Home Route

A customer calls the facility line and immediately before routing to the location CallPotential determines if this is a past due tenant or a current tenant. If it's a past due tenant the system automatically forwards the call to a pay by phone IVR. (If the past due tenant still needs to speak to a manger they can use a prompt to be forwarded to someone.) Otherwise the call completely bypasses the location. If it's a prospect or a current tenant the call can then be forwarded to the location. If the physical location doesn't answer the phone it rolls over to an available manager's cell phone. If that manager isn't available after two rings unanswered the call forwards to the next available manager’s cell phone. If none are available  and if the call is missed the call can roll over to a voicemail or third party call center. Roll-overs can be instantaneous or after a few rings. 

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